Church Distributed by Dr. Joel C. Hunter

$ 15.00

What is the church distributed? It's a way to make the most of our differences, connecting individuals and organizations together for long-term support and effectiveness without trying to blur our distinctions. It is NOT ANOTHER CHURCH-GROWTH STRATEGY. It is a connecting strategy that results in spiritual growth. Virtually any Christian or any church in any denomination can employ this strategy. It even works in tandem with your church-growth plans. That way, you won't just get bigger you'll get better! You'll become more deeply connected to God and to His people. And together, you'll accomplish more because of your differences than you would on your own, without giving up your unique identities. Did you catch that? You'll ACCOMPLISH MORE TOGETHER BECAUSE OF YOUR DIFFERENCES. Here, you will learn how to: Partner effectively with Christians who are not like you, as well as with Christians who have the same vision as you; Build associations with Christians who want to develop lasting relationships for the work of the Gospel; Cooperate with non-Christians for the good of everyone.

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